"Tony Hart was a terrific artist - skilful, fluent and endlessly inventive. In person, he was amazingly modest about his talent and his achievements; and that TV manner - gentlemanly, kindly, and polite - was absolutely genuine and a reflection of the man." - Peter Lord, co-creator of 'Morph'. -

Tony Hart - 1925-2009


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The funeral of Tony Hart took place at Christ Church, Shamley Green, in Surrey yesterday (29th January), attended by close family and friends.

Tony's daughter Carolyn described what a kind father he had been, recalling:

"I remember being very small and having a bad dream late one night. To comfort me you lifted me out of bed and took me downstairs where you fed me with Heinz tomato soup and read to me from Winnie the Pooh.

"I remember begging you to collect me from school, so that the other children could see that you really were my dad, and you did."

Tony, who had been struggling with health problems, including two strokes, since the loss of his wife Jean in 2003, died in the early hours of Sunday the 18th January.

To mark the event, and the fact that Tony had been with the 1st Gurkha Rifles as an officer before he began his television career, the bagpipes were played by a lone Gurkha soldier.

Those attending were invited to contribute a brush-stroke to the canvas pictured below.

Tony's television career spanned 50 years and he was a favourite of children the world over, many of which become artists in their own right.




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